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West Lothian Driving Instructors Association buy and sell page

Items for Sale

Welcome to the West Lothian Driving Instructors Association website mini market, a kind of WLDIA-bay. We all end up with bits an pieces that we take out of cars and intend to sell and get rid of them but we never do. Eventually they go in the junk.  Likewise many of us are looking for things but can never find it. Here the two can meet. This page is in 2 parts, stuff related to driving instruction and just general stuff.


Driving Instructor Related Items for Sale

What Mini Dual Controls
How Much 75
Who Dick MacMillan - 07969 776126
Notes Have you bought or are thinking of buying a Mini and thinking of putting it on the road as a training car? They can now be picked up fairly cheaply as a second car. I have a set of He-Man dual controls for a Mini for sale

General Items for Sale

What Fake banknote detector pens
How Much 2.50 each
Who Ray Lynch - 07711 336452
Notes There have been a lot of forged 20 notes in circulation. I have some pens for sale, you mark the bank note and if it is a forgery the ink turns black. We run a VERY cash intensive business, don't get caught out. If you present forged cash to the bank it will be rejected regardless of how innocent YOU are. How can you PROVE which student gave it to you and effectively didn't pay you? These pens cost 5 each in Rymans in Livingston.

Adverts on this page need not be restricted to driving instructors or members of the association, if you know someone who is trying to sell something then they are welcome to contact me and place and advert.

If you want an add placed text me the details. We will not charge you to place an add, but would ask for a small voluntary contribution to association funds if the advert leads to a sale. A suggested sliding scale is as follows:

  • A sale value of up to 50 - no contribution

  • A sale value of 50-100 contribute 2.50

  • A sale value of 100-500 contribute 5

  • A sale value of over 500 contribute 10

This is an initial thought and will be reviewed as people give feedback. 

This page was most recently updated on 20/12/2010

Any comments with regard to the content of this page, please refer them to: WLDIA Webmaster

West Lothian Driving Instructors Association home page


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The WLDIA advises all learners to be very careful booking any driving test through ANY other website, as you may end up paying a lot more for your test than you need to.

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