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This page was most recently updated on 09/11/2011

Funding towards Training / CPD


Any information regarding grants or funding that can be used for training and CPD is always sought after and will be placed on this page.


Individual Learning Accounts - 200 FREE to go towards training!

Many of you will not be aware of how to apply for your 200 Individual Learning Account Grant. This grant is available to anyone who earns less than 22,000 (e.g. as a self employed person you declared less than that for taxable profit - that should be most of us, if not, sack your accountant). This money can be used to pay for a wide range of training, much of which can be used as CPD, such as the first aid course 10 of us attended at West Lothian College last year. For more details click this link. 

Money from the Scottish Government for training

The Scottish Government provide Flexible Training opportunities grants, which can be applied for by any small business with less than 150 employees. With these you can recoup up to 50% (to a maximum of 500) of training costs for NON MANDATORY training. This money is available to ANY small business, so if you are in the process of tendering a fleet contract to a small employer then they can recoup some of the costs they will pay you. Making sure they know about this could swing the contract in your favour!  The stipulation is that the grant must have been applied for and approved BEFORE TRAINING COMMENCES.

To download the application form click here Flexible Training Opportunities Application Form. Near the middle of this page is a section called how to apply, and from there a link to the application form. Click this link and you will open a window with the application form in it. Included in this document are help notes for completing the form and a rules and guidance section. But, basically to use this form and apply for your grant:

  • click the link and the form will download onto your PC in PDF format
  • Save the form onto your own PC
  • Fill in the form, its fairly self explanatory
  • Save the form again!
  • email the form to flexibletrainingopportunities@sds.co.uk
Note that you can no longer print and snail-mail the form! Skills Development Scotland will process your form and you should get approval very quickly. Examples of courses that you can apply for that are covered by this grant include:
  • Adding other categories to your licence
  • Fleet Instructors courses
But this is not an exhaustive list. If you want help then give me a call on 07711 336452 as I have spoken to them and am taking advantage of these grants myself. If you need assistance further assistance please call their free helpline on 0800 783 6000.
West Lothian Driving Instructors Association home page


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The WLDIA advises all learners to be very careful booking any driving test through ANY other website, as you may end up paying a lot more for your test than you need to.

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